Farming gold seems to take forever. Professions either require tremendous amounts of gold to get started, endless hours in front of the auction house or hardly yield a profit at all. Poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick is more fun than having to do the same instance over and over again. Sounds familiar? Doesn’t have to. With the World of Warcraft Gold Guide you’ll be making an easy 250 gold in your lunch break!

Here’s a breakdown of what you are getting in this World of Warcraft guide:World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

  • 9 Strategies that yield more than 200 gold per hour on average.
  • Take advantage of maps that show the best-earning mining routes.
  • Use insider strategies to make a killing in the auction house.
  • Discover insider herbalism routes and secret skinning spawn locations.
  • Find out which crafting items yield the highest profit from alchemy to leather-working.
  • Unlock the potential of making more gold each day.
  • Convert gold from thin air using your engineering skills.
  • Turn a profit with a personal limited supply item sheet that lists hand-picked vendors, locations and items to resell.
  • Learn secret ways to finance your epic flying mount and raiding equipment.

This guide is not the usual buy-cheap-resell-high type of rubbish – there’s over 100 pages here full with real money making strategies which work regardless of your professions or class. It’s available for only $29,99, for which you can get about 2,000 gold from gold selling companies (and risk your account getting banned), or you can invest it into this guide and make 20,000 gold. Your choice.

Gold for low-level players: It’s not important what level your character is. It doesn’t matter which class you play. You can make 30 gold per hour. And it costs only a few silver to get started.

Gold by gathering: Gathering professions offer some of the most rewarding gold-making opportunities in the game. With this WoW gold guide you’ll easily double your WoW gold income from gathering activities:

  • Maps for 12 mining routes guide you and list earning potentials, drop rates, information about spawns, nearby mobs and named mobs in the area.
  • Detailed herbalism routes including advice on the type of terrain individual herbs grown on, earning potential and skill requirements offer a great return for this gathering skill.
  • Recommended skinning mobs and locations throughout the levels help you optimize your WoW gold earnings.
  • A run-down on fishing gear and where to get it, best selling fishing items and where to catch them provides you with a great money-maker during downtimes.
  • Non-combat strategies to gathering motes offers another alternative to traditional mote farming. No longer will you need to repetitively kill high level mobs for motes. We tell you how it can be done the easy way.

Gold and crafting professions: Are you maybe selling the wrong items? Is switching professions worth the hassle? Leave the guessing to others and pick up the World of Warcraft Gold Guide. In a few mouse-clicks you know which professions are the most profitable ones and what items yield the highest return.

  • Alchemy, blacksmithing, engineering and leatherworking: Find out what really sells and for how much to maximize your profit. This crafting item-based guideline is a blessing if you’re looking for the best opportunities in your profession.
  • A money-making guide to disenchanting, prospecting and transmutes: Key-items and how to make the most out of them.

Farming strategies: If this WoW Gold Guide only told you where to go and what to kill that would already double your income. Imagine you would also find out how to finish the spawns twice as fast… well, you do the math. Exact strategies, including spawn locations, special abilities, alternative approaches and “waiting spawns” get you there.

  • Top farming locations from level 14 to 70: Exact locations, strategies, extra drops and a description of new ways to gain faction make this chapter a must-read if you’re serious about gaining more WoW gold. Expect an income of more than 200 gold per hour following this advice.
  • Instance-farming for all level ranges: Too much competition at your favorite camp spot? Switch to instances and follow this guide to spawns, strategies, chests to make a decent profit at any given time.

Limited supply items: This WoW Gold Guide shows you how to earn easy money with items that are only being sold in limited quantities by NPC vendors. Know where to find them, which items can be resold for a massive profit in the AH and be there when they get restocked.

Auction house strategies: Play the market, find out which items can be turned into your personal monopole and learn how to do it right. The quick-investment guide shows you how to make gold in World of Warcraft the smart way.

End-level strategies: Epic flying mounts, enchantments, resist gear, stamina equipment, raiding consumables, quest components, faction tasks – the shopping list of a level 70 player seems to be endless. Thankfully, so are your income opportunities. The very best of them are described in the World of Warcraft Gold Guide. Think of it as the yellow pages to high end gold making methods – complete with step-by-step strategies and gold/hour rates.

Daily Quests: Are you ignoring another source of regular income? The WoW Gold Guide introduces you to another rewarding gold making opportunity and walks you through the process of acquiring plenty of gold on a daily basis.

You can read more about this guide here, or get it now for only $29,99. Instant download available. Remember, all guides here have free lifetime updates, so you don’t have to worry about any of these tips &
strategies becoming outdated.

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