Are you one of those druids that have to off-tank in raids? Do you have way more gold than you can ever spend? Do you win duels in feral form while wearing caster gear? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then chances are you already know most the of the strategies and tips that are contained in this World of Warcraft Druid Guide. If not, be sure to take a good look at the contents below and find out how druids are really supposed to be played.

WoW Druid Guide

What can you get from this guide:

  • Reach the level cap in a week with a detailed leveling guide
  • Find all the best high level raid strategies specifically for druids
  • Learn the best PvP tactics and strategies top players use to dominate every other class
  • Find out the proven talent builds that work
  • Gain access to the best druid equipment
  • Get the best macros and interface addons to help you gain an advantage
  • Discover how to make tons of gold, specifically for druids


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