Killerguides Website

Killerguides Website

Wildstar is quite a unique game in the MMORPG market, and despite not having tons of revolutionary elements there are certain features and aspects of the game which are much different from what you may be used to. Learning the game isn’t overly difficult but there are hundreds of small tips and tricks that separate skilled, veteran players from the rest.

If you intend to seriously play Wildstar Online and want to level up fast and compete with others in PvE or dominate everyone in PvP, then Killerguides guide is exactly what you need. With this complete leveling walkthrough of the game the entire process becomes easy and fast regardless of your previous experience with Wildstar or other similar online games.

1-50 Leveling Guide

Going from 1-50 has never been quicker: if you follow the class tips and strategies, optimized quest orders, and complete quest walkthroughs from Killerguides you will level up in record speed. Leveling from level 1 to level 50 in less than a week is not only possible but very likely even if you’re just a casual player.

Killerguides includes very helpful tips on how to level up quickly with any class you choose, and even provides optimized builds which will take you to the level cap faster than you can even imagine. These tips paired with quest walkthroughs and map locations and other relevant info like leveling builds and skill rotations can help save you hours of your precious time.

Guides To Paths

Killerguide is not only a remarkable leveling guide, but also offers plenty of other extremely helpful content, the first of which is the paths guide. Explorer, Soldier, Scientist and Settler are all covered in great detail. In the end the choice of path is entirely up to you, but this guide will definitely ensure you make the most out of it. Regardless of your choice you will breeze through the content quickly and discover everything necessary for success along the way.

Class Builds and Skill Rotations

Each class and path in Wildstar offers something unique, and knowing how to properly utilize their strengths makes a huge difference. This guide will show you exactly how to play your class and adapt it to suit your own play style, all the while making sure your character stays efficient and competitive. Certainly a must-read for everyone, and I haven’t seen such extensive and in-depth info published anywhere else.

Crafting Guides

Wildstar crafting guide isn’t overly difficult to find and the basic info can be found in lots of places, but most of it is just for beginners and not nearly as detailed as what you can read here. Unless you did extensive research on crafting in Wildstar I assure you there are countless tricks and tips you need to be aware of which will save you time, money and frustration. Killerguides has each and every profession covered. Whether you prefer gathering, production, hobbies, salvaging, or runecrafting, this guide has you covered and will help you level these tradeskills quickly and make the most of them.

Elder Content Guides

Learn about the Elder content in Wildstar from players who already conquered it all. You will skip the usual leveling curve other players have to go through if you follow Killerguides leveling guide, so once you reach the endgame you will again quickly have to adapt to more challenging content. To ensure you’ll be the one of the first players to take advantage of Elder content Killerguides prepared a series of detailed guides explaining dungeons, itemization, boss tactics and more. Unless you like wasting your time don’t skip this chapter.

Even More Content

You thought we’re done yet — no way. Killerguides has been publishing gaming guides for years, and they’re at the top because they always go an extra mile to publish content you can’t find elsewhere. There’s quite a few additional chapters explaining the housing system, group tactics, PvP strategies, equipment, farming… Pretty much every aspect of the game you can think of is covered, typically in more detail than you expect.

To Get It Or Not?

Killerguides Wildstar Leveling GuideMy recommendation would be a definite yes. Wikis and forums can only get you so far and they usually just have info useful for beginners. Killerguides on the other hand has been compiled by expert players who have been beta testers for months, ensuring the guide is top notch and chock full of professional advice you don’t want to miss out on. It’s truly remarkable how helpful Killerguide can be and I strongly advise you to at least consider downloading it.

Be sure to check out the website, you won’t regret it!

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