Killerguides TERA Strategy Guide

Killerguides TERA Strategy Guide

I already did plenty of reviews of Killerguides, including those for SWTOR, Rift, Champions Online, Aion and a couple of other games. These guides have always been of the highest quality and well worth reading, and Killerguides TERA guide is no exception.

Guides for MMO games are always very popular among players and I’m confident this one will be too. TERA does have certain unique twists and features and most western players will definitely be looking for good information about it, particular about leveling. Most Korean and other eastern games feature a rather slow leveling process in which you do have to grind quite a bit, and most western players hate that. That’s why being able to speed up your leveling is of utmost importance: you always want to maximize your experience gain and minimize downtime between questing, and make sure you don’t have to endlessly grind monsters just to keep up with others.

The leveling guide in Killerguides TERA Strategy Guide is only a small part of many chapters covering the entire game, however for most players it’s the most important part. As for other chapters and guides, they include those about races, classes, crafting, crystals, enchanting, player versus player, dungeons and instances, itemization, character attributes etc. Overall there’s nearly every part of this game covered with these guides and if there’s any question about Tera you may have you’ll surely get an answer here.

TERA Amani Archer ScreenshotI’ve seen many different sites promoting this guide and recommending it to players, and it’s a frequent discussion on various forums as well. While some players claim you don’t need a guide to play an MMORPG, I personally think it’s very helpful to have and can save you quite a bit of time researching things later on, or even trying to figure them out for yourself. There are some free guides available out there that can also give you a slight edge over other players, but they are usually not well-researched, and quite often are outdated. The official website also has some guides available but they don’t go into any detail or analysis about the game, so for most players they are rather useless, and even if you’re completely clueless about the game they won’t teach you anything to help you out in-game.

This guide does come from players who have been playing this game for over 2 years and really know what they’re talking about, so it’s not surprising this guide is so useful. I do recommend to everyone to consider downloading it and see for yourself exactly why people keep dominating you in PvP, always seem to have more gold and better items than you, and manage to level up their characters to the cap before you even hit level 20.

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