Killerguides SWTOR Strategy GuideKillerguides is the first one to publish a guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are usually quicker about it than most other writers, and fortunately that doesn’t in any way affect the quality of their work. They actually have almost 20 different SWTOR guides available on their website, but what most players are interested in is a general strategy guide, and here’s where you’ll find out all about it.

Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide is basically really detailed and comprehensive. It has tons of information about literally every single aspect of this amazing new MMORPG. Starting with a leveling guide. While it’s not as detailed as I’m usually used to, it’s understandable for now: I’m certain it will be updated with more quest descriptions and images as soon as possible (by the time you’re reading this, it might already be).  Basically this SWTOR leveling guide WILL help you gain levels faster. It’ll show you the best and easiest ways to level up, give you optimized mission paths, descriptions and walkthroughs on every quests and mission, and the same about any planet and area you’ll come across. Following this leveling guide will surely bring you to level 50 a lot faster.

There are also many guides on classes in this SWTOR Strategy Guide. Most of the information in there actually can’t be easily found in other places and especially not written by an expert player who’s not only playing the live game but has been participating in the beta for a couple of years. These kind of tips are invaluable especially if you’re looking to PvP in The Old Republic, as knowing every class’ weakness, strength and ability is crucial to defeating them each and every time. You’ll also find great information on how to build your own class as well, from advanced classes, skill tree builds, equipment recommendations and more.

Furthermore Killerguides offers a helpful Flashpoints and Operations guide: it’s SWTOR’s version of instances, dungeons and raids. Since Star Wars doesn’t allow any user interface mods like World of Warcraft, having boss strategies available to you whenever you like is really great to have. There’s also a comprehensive credit making guide, teaching you all you need to know about making tons of credits, via tradeskills, auction house, farming, grinding, questing and more.

Lastly one other important part talks in detail about crew skills: crafting, gathering and mission skills. Here’s you’ll get an amazing overview of every crew skill, along with available recipes, schematics, items you can craft, items you need to gather, etc. Also you’ll get a list of areas where you can farm materials or send your companions to do so. Additionally there’s a good amount of content dedicated to showing you which professions are best for which classes.

All in all I’ve found Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide to be extremely beneficial to learning the game faster than most other players, and especially for leveling. Since I haven’t participated in the beta most of this information is completely new to me and having it compiled into one detailed and frequently updated guide is invaluable. If you want to download it, check out Killerguides website here.

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