Xerxes Rift Leveling GuideThis is currently the best Rift leveling guide you can get. While I’ve gotten several of them and read all, I didn’t do any reviews except for Killerguides until this point. Now however I’ve definitely fallen in love with Xerxes guide as it’s much more detailed and contains a lot more expert tips and advice you don’t want to miss out on.

Xerxes has a complete 1-50 leveling guide for both of the factions, defiants and guardian. That’s definitely a first as other guides are at this point incomplete, and some don’t even have leveling guides but still advertise as such on their websites. Xerxes is the only one that is worth getting in my opinion due to the fact it’s complete, and even updated frequently with more optimized paths as new info becomes available.

Also Xerxes contains a ton of other tips about the game. Whatever you want to know or find out I’m sure you’ll get an answer, be it professions, souls, PvP, items, platinum… And the best part is that this isn’t just random info taken from forums and wikis: you will NOT find this anywhere else for sure. It’s incredibly detailed and it’s clear the author is an expert and a knowledgeable Rift player.

Ever since it’s been released this guide has been getting more and more attention, and tons of players and sites are already recommending Xerxes as a best buy. Some are promoting crappy guides just to make money, but if you look carefully and compare all Rift guides you’ll soon notice why this one is the best.

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