Killerguides Rift Strategy GuideThis is the first guide ever released for Rift game, and as such is the most detailed one yet. It includes a great deal of useful content appropriate for beginners in the game and even those who have been playing Rift for awhile.

Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide teaches you about many things in Rift. Here’s just some of the things I found very useful:

  • tells you which race is best for your calling
  • which souls you should pick to maximize your character effectiveness
  • tells you all about professions in Rift and which ones you should pick depending on your calling/soul
  • gives excellent advice about making platinum with professions
  • provides a detailed overview of quests and a very detailed step by step leveling guide
  • the equipment overview gives you a rundown of what you should be aiming for
  • stats guide shows you which character stats are most important for your class

And a whole lot more. Really, the amount of stuff you can learn from reading this guide is amazing, and there’s always a lot of reasons why you would want to get yourself a good Rift leveling or strategy guide.

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