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This is a critical review of the premium Aion leveling guide by KFGuides for the Asmodian and Elyos Factions, that guides you from 1-50 (currently it is 1-40 with an update of 40-50 in the coming days). We have purchased the guides, used the guides and critically reviewed the guides. We will now give you […]

If you’re tired and getting annoyed by slow leveling, this is the best Aion leveling guide you’ll find. In addition to a leveling guide, you will also get several other major chapters in this Aion guide, like equipment guide, game mechanics insider info, info about professions, solo and group strategies and a few more.

This Aion Kinah Guide is a grand addition to any Aion player. It’ll help you understand how the economy in this game works, how to successfully sell items on the auction house, how to make kinah while doing quests or instances, grinding and a lot more.