Killerguides Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Gil Making GuideAs always I’m following all recent guides coming in from Killerguides, and most recently they published several FFXIV guides. Along with a leveling guide and class guides, they have an excellent FF XIV Gil guide which I think is awesome.

Top gil making strategies, tips and tactics are incredibly well covered in this guide. There’s also a lot of crafting and mining tips and tricks which are invaluable. Farming and raiding are also covered in great detail. Info about the so called Discipline of the Hand is not missing either. By reading this guide I have no doubt anyone can become fat rich well beyond their expectations.

This Gil guide contains top gil making strategies which are not known by a majority of the player base. The thing is when this guide becomes more and more popular, and judging by its quality it will, some of these strategies will no longer work, or a lot of other players will be making gil the same way. That’s why it’s important you take advantage of it as soon as possible: by the time others figure it out you’ll have enough gil for years of playing — I mean it! Download the gil guide here!

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