Relik's Battlefield 3 Strategy GuideThere appears to be a shortage of good MMORPGs since Rift was released earlier this year. We are expecting Star Wars: The Old Republic at the end of this year, but in the meantime the only thing to keep me occupied are other games. Right now it’s Battlefield 3.

It’s a bit uncommon for me to review a guide for a shooter game as I mostly reviewed MMORPG game guides up until now. Regardless, Battlefield 3 does have certain leveling and progression aspects that deserve a bit more attention, and there are actually a lot of customization options when it comes down to weapons and their attachments. Hell, the game even has four different classes.

Relik’s Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide talks pretty much about all of these aspects of the game. Each class is explained in detail and you’re given a pretty comprehensive list of their weapons and attachment unlocks, as well as recommended weapons you should use and their mechanics and statistics. As for weapons, every single one is listed in there, along with the best attachments you can unlock for them which is really good if you’re trying to plan ahead.

There’s also a lot of information on maps. In multiplayer there are about a dozen different ones and on every single one there are different tactics that work and that don’t work. Knowing all of them is very helpful, even if you’ve played a particular map a few dozen times, as you’ll definitely learn something new from this. The maps are huge and knowing every location where you can get some kind of an advantage or secret spots to take down opponents can only be found in this guide. I haven’t seen such detailed information anywhere else, and I did in fact look for it. There are some free BF3 guides but they don’t come even close to this.

There’s also plenty of other guides for BF3 in Relik’s guide, but I won’t get into too much detail over them. They are all useful and great to have, but the ones above have been the most helpful for me. If you want to see a full list of contents in Relik’s guide I suggest you visit its official website. You can also try to look for a few other guides but according to everything I’ve read so far, Relik’s guide is hands down the best and most recommended one.

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