KFGuides Aion Leveling GuideThis is a critical review of the premium Aion leveling guide by KFGuides for the Asmodian and Elyos Factions, that guides you from 1-50 (currently it is 1-40 with an update of 40-50 in the coming days). We have purchased the guides, used the guides and critically reviewed the guides. We will now give you details on what exactly, you can expect from this guide.

The bottom line (summary of the review): This guide is totally worth it, it is a sure-fire high speed leveling guide that you will fall in love with for sure. Step by step instructions with a very powerful foresight into future quests will help blitz through your quests and levels. I would like you to read through the review completely to get an idea of what exactly is there in the guide, but if you are in a hurry, click here to visit KFGuides.

You could maybe try some of their free guides to know why they are the best. Okay, here goes the official review..


The guide starts out with general notes stating the simple keyboard shortcuts, important facets of the User Interface and interacting with the environments. All this is done keeping in mind, future stages of the game. We find this to be a good section because once you are set in using the interface and shortcuts, you find it hard to change later. The guide reminds us of a lot of little things that we tend to miss out on, small things that result in optimizing the way you play, things that improve you as a MMO gamer over time.

The guide is color coded for both the images and text, helping you to quickly identify different parts of the guide. For example, he has color coded the following 3 parts:

  • Accepting Quests
  • Turning in quests
  • Updating quests

As you come across different NPCs the guide will tell you to accept, turn in or update quests at the NPC. The color codes help you to quickly identify the task at hand. Once you get settled in, the colors will quickly help you identify the action to be performed.

Doing quests one at a time is the normal way to approach things . But if your aim is to level up fast, then you need to optimise the way you do things. For example, an NPC you went to once, will also be offering another quest for you at a later stage. If you had planned for this earlier, you wouldn’t need to make two trips just to initiate the quest. This guide is full of such tricks and tips. Imagine, All the quests that you will be doing completely optimised like this, the amount of time saved. This was the deal maker for us.

It tells you in advance, to accept certain quests from the same NPC, that you will be able to complete at a later stage.

Apart from that, the guide is written in steps, with each step having a check box. Thus allowing you to track the steps as well. You can save a copy with the last completed step, so you don’t lose track of the quests that you do. We advise you to make use of the checkboxes as it really helps you once you get deep into the game.

The instructions are detailed to say the least and very well presented so you don’t spend half the time looking for the lines. Each chapter starts off with a map of the area with various locations marked. As you go through the guide, various steps refer to these locations and  you can reference them in the map, making it much easier to follow. The most efficient quests are included into the guide and explicit directions to complete the quests are supplied.

Though the guide is strictly only a leveling guide, it contains links to a number of free guides (written by the authors, of the same quality) related to other aspects of the game like crafting, technical guides etc.

The guide has a LOT of screenshots from the game, of the various NPCs and different spots, so you always have something to verify if you are in the right spot quickly. The guide has detailed maps, with clear paths and numbered positions, so that when you reach that particular step, all you need to do is look at the map and know where to travel. We advise you to take a print of the map page alone, so you reduce time even further.

KFGuides Aion leveling guide also has Video content that gets you through some of the particularly difficult parts.

KFGuides Sample


Ok so far, we have told you how the guide is structured and written so that it can be really useful for you. What all does the guide actually contain to help you level up, There is certainly a lot in there here is a list of the most important sub-topics.

  • Explains Ideal quests which are worth doing and how to do it in a step by step manner
  • Ensures you dont waste time on the quests that are particularly cumbersome and are not worth your time
  • Gives you details on the most optimum way to go about your quests keeping in mind future quests
  • Gives explicit step by step details for both solo and group quests.
  • Lists out multiple quests to be accepted at various NPCs, so that you don’t waste time coming back again.
  • Lists out ideal monsters to be hunted at different level ranges as per your abilities
  • Lists out drops that you should be picking up, keeping in mind future quests(Again, an amazing time saver, drastically improves your level up speed) – This almost feels like a cheat sheet, to be honest.
  • Lists drops that you should be collecting as you level that will earn you considerable Kinah
  • Lists out grinding spots for different levels, for both solo and groups
  • Explains the way to get to various grinding spots and also lists out quests to be accepted/completed en route. This guide is all about optimizing.
  • Video tutorials for particularly tough areas, so you don’t waste any time trying to figure out the text.

Click here to visit KFGuides.

Apart from these, we feel we have to mention the following aspects that really impressed us.

  • The abyss quests and Morheim section quests are extremely useful as it is really rare to find these quest details, explained so clearly., this is the stage where you will find yourself struggling without a guide.
  • We absolutely loved the spy quests section where they explain the quests to be carried out in enemy territory.
  • The color coding is an absolutely brilliant idea that you will appreciate as you go through the guide. As time passes, you will find yourself just looking for the colors to do certain repetitive tasks like accepting a quest or updating a quest or completing a quest.

We were surprised to note that beyond a point, we were just looking at the colors and the NPC name and moving ahead. As I said earlier, this guide is all about optimizing your level ups. We were pleasantly surprised with such an organised way to leveling. If you follow the leveling patterns in this guide, you are sure to race ahead of the competition in no time.

Amazing Video tutorials for parts which are challenging, their video tutorial on “Destroying the curse” quest really helped us complete it in record time, we thought it’d take a lot lot more. The only gripe I have with this guide is that the Asmodian and Elyos guides have to purchased seperately. I don’t have any problems with it as I (personally) seem to prefer Asmodian, so the Asmodian guide is what I wanted.

But then again, my advice to you is choose a faction and stick to it, not because these guys provide faction guides but because the game is vast and mastering the game will mean you choose a faction and learn it’s intricacies to truly rule the game. Keeping that in mind, this guide is most definitely the way to go as far as leveling guides are concerned.

When you pay 15$ monthly for the game, I think a one time payment that will dramatically enhance and improve your gameplay with assured updates forever, is definitely worth it. We felt so when we bought the guide for ourselves and boy are we glad we did! We recommend the 1-50 guide because it comes with lifetime access to the guide and all future updates. Given that these guys do this for a living, I am sure their updates will be awesome. They already sent an update 2 days for back their 1-30 guide including some extra quests and videos, I am sure they will maintain their standards, their livelihood depends on it.

The guide was released with the 1-30 version initially with a promise of a 30-40 update before launch and as promised they released the 30-40 update yesterday(19th Sep 2009). And the 40-50 update is said to be well on its way soon.

If you want to get done with your levels asap, and get access to the end game contents get this leveling guide. Level up fast and be the sought after players by Aion’s top legions. This guide is most definitely worth it. Once you read this, you  and your friends will be among fastest levelers on the block. The game is new and yet to flourish, now is the time to make use of the experience of others and gain footing in Aion online.

Download KFGuides Aion Leveling Guide Here

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