Is leveling in Age of Conan taking too much of your time? Would you rather be earning more gold, or learn to dominate your opponents in PvP combat? If you’re wondering how other players are so much ahead of you, this guide will give you all the right choices, advantages, tricks and strategies you need to stay ahead of the curve: from basic game mechanics, to leveling guides and advanced gameplay strategies, this guide has it all. It’s suitable for any players regardless of experience and level, and will help you a great deal.

Age of Conan Strategy Guide

Here’s what you are getting in this Age of Conan guide:

  • Discover the most efficient path to hit the level cap
  • Optimize your character performance by gear, spell and abilities
  • Learn how to wisely spend points and create the most awesome feat build
  • Become a well respected guild member with your crafting contribution
  • Explore and take advantage of the most rewarding gold making strategies

This guide is available for only $29,99! You can download it instantly and discover some of the most amazing things about this game.

1 to 80 Leveling Path: Reaching the level cap is no longer time consuming and boring. If you follow the step by step guidelines and walkthroughs outlined in this leveling guide you’ll be at the cap within a week, without feeling lost or confused along the way.

Gold Making: Not having enough gold can often ruin your experience in Hyborian Kingdoms. Gold is not everything that matters in Age of Conan, but it sure does help with a lot of things. Find out the most efficient gold making strategies and secrets that not even veteran players know about, or are hiding from you.

Character Creation: This is one of the beginner oriented guides in this strategy guide that will help you pick the right race and class. The choices you have to make can be overwhelming and there is no turning back. The AoC guide analyzes each race and class in detail and helps you make informed decisions for choosing the right character that suits your play style.

Skills and Abilities: Chances are that you are not using 100% of your character’s potential, and this is where this Age of Conan guide helps: it fulfills the gap by revealing the best secrets to each skill and ability as well as advanced techniques you need to know about to pull off deadly combos and destructive spellweaving casts.

Feat Development: Are you confused as to how to spend your hard earned points you gain with each level? This AoC strategy guide answers this burning question with a thorough guide to developing your character’s feat tree. The guide explores many different builds and recommends the most effective solution for soloing, PVP, raiding or multi-purpose playstyle.

Weapon and Equipment: Undecided on your gear choice? Want to know how you can achieve maximum damage for each class? Searching for the right weapon/feat combination or just looking for an epic piece of armor? This Age of Conan guide saves you valuable time on research and provides a list of weapon and equipment recommendations you do not want to miss out, and how to acquire them.

End Game Guide: Whether you want to raid the toughest boss or participate in a full scale siege warfare between guilds, the Age of Conan guide makes sure you are properly prepared for anything. The included PVP guide also gives a run down on all classes you will face and provides tons of details with the right strategies to use against them.

Crafting Guide: The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures guide also comes with a highly useful crafting guide that explains how crafting can turn a good profit, both financially and reputation wise. Find out how to obtain recipes that will sell like crazy in the tradeposts and how to contribute to your team with the most valuable guild resources.

You can read more about this guide here, or get it now for only $29,99. Instant download available. Remember, all guides here have free lifetime updates, so you don’t have to worry about any of these tips & strategies becoming outdated.

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