Age of Conan Demonologist Guide

Age of Conan Demonologist Guide

Having trouble leveling your Demonologist? Don’t know what feats to choose? You’re confused with all the profession choices and want to earn serious gold? This guide leaves nothing to chance. You’re getting killer tips about the best strategies for your Demonologist not published anywhere else. Enjoy the game to it’s fullest and read on for a sneak peak in this detailed 117 page guide.

AoC Demonologist guide highlights:

  • Gold making secrets: which tradeskills to choose, insane grinding places and awesome quest rewards
  • Powerleveling: how to level up to 80 in a week or less
  • Reference lists for all instances
  • Gear recommendations: where and how to get the best gear possible for your level
  • PvP tactics: after reading this you will be greeting gankers with a smile and walk away alive each time
  • Spell & pet guides: how to use your demons and spellweaving most effectively
  • Feat analysis and recommendations saves you time and gold

Leveling: when it comes to leveling in Age of Conan, Demonologists are truly unique. This guide will show you awesome tips and strategies regardless if you want to solo your way to 80 or tag along with a group of friends.

Gold making strategies: learn how to optimize your earnings from questing and grinding, and get the highest yield from your professions. Buying a mount at level 40 sounds hard? With this guide, you can afford it at 30.

Feats: with over 70 feats to choose from, it can be confusing even for more seasonal players. Whether you want highest damage, questing with no downtime or being a PvP god, this guide has it all.

Demonologist items: this chapter will save you many hours of research by presenting you the best possible gear choice you can get. If you don’t know which stats to aim for and where to get the gear, this will be a true gem for you.

Demonologist spells and demon pets: a detailed insight into how each spell works, what spells are the best damage wise, and how to conserve mana while still being a deadly killing machine. The pet guide will show you some real examples and strategies which you won’t find anywhere else.

Instances and raiding: how to top the charts in raids and outshine even those with better gear than you is no longer a distant dream. There’s also an extensive list of all instances, showing you easy strategies to make sure you complete it without wipes, with a few tricks to help you do it faster (no hacks or exploits!). In this guide you will also find the most detailed list of items and quests for each instance.

Demonologist PvP: it takes a lot of experience to learn how to fight other classes effectively. These tips are brought to you by veteran AoC players and will teach you how to defeat every player you encounter without doubt. Additionally, having an insight into other classes main spells and abilities will give you an edge over them so you can always be one step ahead.

Mods and addons: having the right addons and interface mods is a great help in playing effectively. These tips will show you the pros and cons of each addon and tips on how to use them to their fullest potential. Again, no hacks, cheats, bots or exploits – everything is 100% legal.

You can read more about this guide here, or download it now for only $29,99. Remember, all guides here have free lifetime updates, so you don’t have to worry about any of these tips & strategies becoming outdated.

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