Assassins are one of the strongest and most fun classes in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. They aren’t hard to play, but sure are difficult to master. If you’re having trouble leveling, making gold, choosing gear or fighting other players, this guide might be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Reach level 80 in a week – this guide features the most extensive walkthrough you will ever find about leveling an Assassin in Age of Conan. It has a zone-by-zone leveling guide specifically written for your favorite class which significantly speeds up the leveling process.
  • Insider tips to earning mountains of gold the fast way – even though the game is released for some time now, finding decent gold making strategies is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you’re still having trouble buying a mount at level 40, or you got your eye on one of those expensive rare items on the auction house, you won’t think twice ever again. You will have more gold than you ever thought and never have to buy it and risk getting your account suspended. Needless to say, you won’t have to use any cheats, exploits, grinding bots or hacks.
  • Assassin specific quest walkthroughs – each and every Assassin quest is explained in detail so you’ll never get lost again. Doing these quests doesn’t have to be a burden – with these tips you might even have fun while doing it.
  • Best Assassin equipment from levels 1 through 80 – the comprehensive equipment list in this AoC guide will save you hours and hours of research. Find out exactly where and how to get the best items for your level.
  • Advanced analysis of every skill and feat – why waste money for respecs when ypu can read an in-depth analysis about your skills and every possible feat choice. Never again will you wonder if you made the right choice – with this guide everything will be crystal clear.
  • Best solo and group strategies at your fingertips – with these tips you will learn how to efficiently use your resources in every PvE encounter to help your group as much as possible and do amazing amount of damage in the same time. By utilizing just a few of these strategies you will be known as the best Assassin in your guild and never loose a raid spot to another player.
  • Assassin specific PvP strategies – knowing other classes’s strengths and weaknesses is an important part of player versus player combat in Age of Conan, but knowing your own class is even more important. Forget everything you thought you know about Assassins and read this chapter – you will come out alive from every single battle.

This Age of Conan Assassin guide is available for download instantly, and like other guides here features a free lifetime updates so you don’t have to worry about any of this information becoming outdated. If you’re still not sure if this guide is for you, read more here.

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