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Wildstar is quite a unique game in the MMORPG market, and despite not having tons of revolutionary elements there are certain features and aspects of the game which are much different from what you may be used to. Learning the game isn’t overly difficult but there are hundreds of small tips and tricks that separate […]

Diablo III is one of the most anticipated games ever, with millions of fans waiting over a decade for a sequel to this exciting hack and slash, action RPG. As mentioned, literally millions of players are waiting to get their hands on this game, with just a little over a month until its officially released. […]

I already did plenty of reviews of Killerguides, including those for SWTOR, Rift, Champions Online, Aion and a couple of other games. These guides have always been of the highest quality and well worth reading, and Killerguides TERA guide is no exception. Guides for MMO games are always very popular among players and I’m confident […]

Killerguides is the first one to publish a guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They are usually quicker about it than most other writers, and fortunately that doesn’t in any way affect the quality of their work. They actually have almost 20 different SWTOR guides available on their website, but what most players are […]

There appears to be a shortage of good MMORPGs since Rift was released earlier this year. We are expecting Star Wars: The Old Republic at the end of this year, but in the meantime the only thing to keep me occupied are other games. Right now it’s Battlefield 3. It’s a bit uncommon for me […]

This is currently the best Rift leveling guide you can get. While I’ve gotten several of them and read all, I didn’t do any reviews except for Killerguides until this point. Now however I’ve definitely fallen in love with Xerxes guide as it’s much more detailed and contains a lot more expert tips and advice […]

This is the first guide ever released for Rift game, and as such is the most detailed one yet. It includes a great deal of useful content appropriate for beginners in the game and even those who have been playing Rift for awhile. Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide teaches you about many things in Rift. Here’s […]

As always I’m following all recent guides coming in from Killerguides, and most recently they published several FFXIV guides. Along with a leveling guide and class guides, they have an excellent FF XIV Gil guide which I think is awesome. Top gil making strategies, tips and tactics are incredibly well covered in this guide. There’s […]

This is a critical review of the premium Aion leveling guide by KFGuides for the Asmodian and Elyos Factions, that guides you from 1-50 (currently it is 1-40 with an update of 40-50 in the coming days). We have purchased the guides, used the guides and critically reviewed the guides. We will now give you […]

This unofficial strategy and leveling guide for the exciting new game Champions Online is a useful resource for any player. It has multiple chapters and covers many of the games features just like all guides published by the renown author Killerguides. Combat, grouping, leveling, generating resources and equipment are just some of the chapters which […]